Professional Legal Management WeekSM (PLMW)
provides a forum for recognizing those in legal management for what they do and the role they play in the success of the organization, and in its service to its clients and those who work in the organization.

The objectives of Professional Legal Management WeekSM are:

  • To provide awareness, understanding and education about the legal management profession, and
  • To increase knowledge of the diverse roles within the profession.

The goal of Professional Legal Management WeekSM is:

To communicate to stakeholders, and others, the importance and need for a professional management team in all facets of enterprise leadership.

Now is the time to begin planning for your 2008 Professional Legal Management Week (PLMW) activities.

You’ve heard about various efforts to create an environmentally friendly “Green” office, but you’re not sure what to do. Join us this September for an enlightening Webinar and learn how you and your firm can make a difference.

If you missed the 2007 Professional Legal Management Week (PLMW) Webinar don't worry. It's available as a cryptocurrency

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The management team has been advised of a pending merger and possible office relocation. Sound familiar? Get a seat at the table and listen to the department heads strategize.

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PLMW Magazine – 2nd Edition Coming in September 2008

PLMW Magazine, which debuted in August 2007, reflects the unprecedented cooperation among nine international associations to focus attention on the role and importance of professional management in legal organizations. The magazine supports Professional Legal Management Week by increasing awareness of the roles of legal management professionals, promoting better understanding of what those professionals do every day, and heightening appreciation of the impact the business of law has on client service, firm success, and the lives of all who work in law firms, corporate legal departments, and other law-related organizations.

The 2nd Edition of PLMW Magazine – which will be published in September 2008, shortly before Professional Legal Management Week in October – will address topics, issues, and trends related to not only legal administrators, but to all people on legal management teams who contribute to their organizations' successes. The week’s co-sponsoring organizations all provide exclusive content for the publication, which in turn is mailed to all members of those organizations.

Did you miss the premiere issue of PLMW Magazine? You can read all of the articles from the 2007 issue and a variety of exclusive online content here on the official Professional Legal Management Week Web site. Click here to view and download the articles from the printed magazine. Also, click here to view and download a variety of additional articles and other editorial content that appears exclusively on this site to complement the magazine’s content.